The Team


Students Clare, Ella, Zephryn, Claire, and Evelyn are in front of the Asotin County Library where they regularly meet up.



Clare is someone who doesn't back down from a challenge, whether it be winning in a small argument or perfecting a new skill. She takes school very seriously and is always thinking about her future. She enjoys hanging out with friends, playing tennis, and learning Korean. She dreams of going into psychiatry.


Claire is a co-founder of ECH-Science. She loves being a part of the team, as she really enjoys STEAM activities. When not doing underwater robotics, you may find her doing dance, music, theater, or traveling. She hopes to be an architect or an engineer.


Ella is a co-founder of ECH-Science. Traveling, reading, and eating bananas are her ideal sources of enjoyment. She is currently in the middle of reading the Maze Runner series. She hopes to become an architect or an engineer. 


Evelyn is in 7th grade. She enjoys most things S.T.E.M. and reading and writing. She hopes to be like her big sister and earn lots of awards, and do something great. She likes writing little stories, but most of the time gets a new idea and abandons her other story. She hopes to someday publish a book of her own.


Zephryn loves playing the clarinet, but when she's not playing, you'll find her reading or discovering new ways to get injured. She almost always has a smile on her face and she tries to stay positive. She aspires to be a graphic designer or a writer in the future.



Hannah is an alumnus and co-founder of ECH-Science. She remains involved in some STEAM outreach activities. She strives to be like Wednesday Addams from the Addams family. She is open to career ideas for her future. 


Merredy is an alumnus of ECH-Science.  When part of the team, she was the tether manager and operator for the ROV. Merredy enjoys drawing, Star Wars, reading, and STEM activities. She hopes to become a volcanologist or an astrogeologist when she's older.