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Your donation will help the ECH Science Team continue STEM outreach activities

 Aimed at inspiring elementary and middle school students

This all-girl team conducts an innovative underwater robotics program that helps students, educators, and parents with the knowledge they need to build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in an out-of-school setting.  The Team will be rebuilding in 2024 to teach and train 3 new members.

The team follows an integrated STEM education program, a great way to start on a challenging journey to build a robot and learn how to use it in the marine world.  Along the way, students will learn basic electrical and mechanical engineering skills and apply them to meet real-world requirements.  They will continue the team's successful outreach activities to engage and work with students from elementary and middle school ages to show hands-on STEM activities are fun!  This was recently demonstrated at the local community college's ROV summer camp program inspired by ECH Science


ECH Science is not affiliated with any school and depends on community support for its outreach and competitive activities.  They will continue outreach activities but additional resources will be required to procure the necessary components to upgrade the ROV system. They will learn about and apply digital ROV thruster controls which will advance the team's knowledge and capabilities. The team has set the goal to compete in the Open Class International Seaperch     ROV Challenge in 2025 and will use the improved capability in this more competitive class.  A separate campaign for additional support will be launched later, should the team qualify for the 2025 Challenge held in Maryland each year.