...underwater investigation, innovation, education

How did you find out about Seaperch? We found out about Seaperch from the local Lions Club.

How did you find your team? We know each other since preschool or longer and we share the interest in STEAM related fields.

What did you gain from the 2021 International Seaperch Competition? We learned how to work as a team, how to interview, take notes and write technical reports. We learned how to apply some physics related principles, use power tools and solder.

Where do you think the underwater robotics is leading you in the future? We hope to get more students involved to keep the underwater robotics going in our community. An idea for the future is to use underwater robotics not only for surveillance but also for water quality testing and cleaning up waterways.

How did you get involved with Port Surveillance? The Clarkston Port director contacted us upon reading a news article about our Seaperch competition and asked us if we could help out with Port Surveillance.

Do you have other community projects? Yes, we are engaged at the local Boys and Girls Club where we are leading monthly STEM-night activities. In the Fall of 2022, we will be teaching a course at the Club that lasts for about six weeks. Students will learn how to construct a micro-ROV that can be operated in a fish tank (pictured on the outreach page).

What was the motivation behind reaching out to children in your community? We think it is easier to reach students at a younger age when their mind is still flexible, and they are more easily engaged in science projects. We are planning to serve the underrepresented in the STEAM field.