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 Our ECH-Science team is comprised of middle school and high school girls who come together from different schools and are interested in sharing their love for science, technology, engineering, and math. We like to apply new science concepts and test the scientific process as we work on creating a functional remote-operated vehicle (ROV) design. We want to show that girls are just as capable as boys and there is a future for them in the science world. We love to keep our minds active, be innovative, and spend time together. Sharing our love for science and engineering with others allows us to become role models for our community.  We wish to inspire others in our community to get involved in underwater robotics such as the SeaPerch Challenge. One of our ideas for the future is to create simple STEAM kits for elementary and middle school students to help inspire.

Fun Fact: The team's logo "ECH-Science" is derived from the initials of the co-founding members Ella, Claire and Hannah, representing the ROV controller, tether and the ROV.